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CNC Plasma Welding

At PlasmaTech, you’ll find a team of CNC plasma welders dedicated to transforming plain metal pieces into spectacular works of art, necessary machine components, and functional pieces. We use innovative CNC technology to customize products virtually any way you want.

Our PTA hardfacing services allow precise metering of metallic powder material, making it cost-effective and highly efficient!

We offer a widerange of plasma welding services in Wasilla, AK. Get in touch with us today!

During the Welding/Hardfacing process, metal powder is fed into a molten weld puddle generated by the plasma arc at a high temperature (up to 36,032° F), All welding parameters are automated and computer controlled in a CNC (computer numerically controlled) platform. PTA hardfacing is a true welding process, with a metallurgical bond between the substrate and deposit producing dilution rated as low as 5%.

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Plasma Welding ServicesCNC Plasma Welding Services
Computer Numerically Controlled Plasma WeldingPlasmatech has the newest, state-of-the-art, CNC Plasma Welding Equipment