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Wear coating

Hardfacing and welding overlays are at the root of PlasmaTech. We’ve garnered a reputation as a leader in hardfacing and welding services, owing to our weld engineers’ expertise and experience.

Abrasion occurs as a result of friction that wears, grinds, and rubs away at the metal. At PlasmaTech, we provide a wide range of abrasion and wear resistant coatings to maintain performance levels and extend the life of your metal components. Our wear coatings can protect metals from damage from excessive heat, erosion, seizing, galling, and inadequate lubrication.

The wear coatings offered by PlasmaTech provide a thin layer of lubrication that protects metal parts from wearing out due to aggressive physical contact. We achieve this outstanding wear resistance through a combination of coating hardness and exceptional toughness, thereby protecting the coating from fragmentation. Moreover, the compressive stress and ductility of the coating prevents micro-cracking and surface fatigue.

At PlasmaTech, we realize that accelerated wear issues can cripple production, resulting in equipment downtime and maintenance. What’s more, wear increases the need for frequent equipment calibration, often resulting in problems associated with product variation in the manufacturing process. Therefore, our expert weld engineers offer a variety of ultra-hard, robust coatings that extend tooling life and facilitate your process to run more efficiently and smoothly. In fact, we have extensive experience in reducing abrasion and wear in a variety of applications, including cutting tools, tool punches, forming mandrels, molds, etc.

The wear coatings offered at PlasmaTech in Wasilla, Alaska don’t cause warping, cracking or any metallurgical change to base metal parts. In fact, we mask the parts to ensure the wear coating is only applied where needed. Our coatings are made of durable materials like high hardness stainless steels, alloy steels, molybdenum and carbides that are applicable to a variety of substrates. For instance, we can protect parts like industrial fans, screw conveyors, blades, and coupling shafts through edge retention.

At PlasmaTech, we offer a multitude of wear coatings in Wasilla, Alaska that provide protection from cavitation, brinelling, galling, abrasion and corrosion present in the working environment.
The abrasion resistant properties of our wear coatings offer the following advantages:

  • Extended component lifespan
  • increased resistance to high temperatures
  • Enhanced performance capabilities under harsh conditions
  • Decreased component maintenance, reducing overall costs and increasing productivity

Among the many industries that benefit from our wear coatings are agricultural, pulverizing, power plant, cement, steel and grain processing industries.