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Metal Fabricators

Hardfacing and welding overlays are at the root of PlasmaTech. We’ve garnered a reputation as a leader in hardfacing and welding services, owing to our weld engineers’ expertise and experience.

At PlasmaTech, we are precision metal cutting specialists in Wasilla, Alaska, with experience in metal polishing, welding, lapping and grinding and precision machining of various metal parts. Our manufacturing capabilities, expertise and diverse inventory of rod, tubing and wire meet the requirements of high-tech device manufacturers.

Our experts have mastered the complexities of metal fabrication and custom metal cutting as we utilize state-of-the art equipment to produce parts that meet rigid tolerance specifications—ensuring your final product is both functional and cost effective.

Metal fabrication is the process that manipulates metal from one state to another through cutting, assembling and bending processes. It’s a value-added process that involves creating parts, machines and structures from a variety of raw materials.
PlasmaTech is your go-to West Coast Metal Fabricator provider if your precision metal fabrication project requires the following work:

  • Plate shapes
  • Sheet metal cuts
  • Bar, tube and structural work
  • Thermal cutting, like oxy-fuel cutting, laser cutting or plasma cutting
  • Ready-to-assemble kits
  • Flattening
  • Complex assemblies

Sheet metal fabrication involves forming parts from a given metal sheet. This is done by a machine that precisely cuts and forms the metal sheet into the final product with the help of precision from 3D CAD files. In addition, typical forming tools like punches, dyes and brakes are used to form features and angular bends. We even offer the standard practice of installing inserts along with finishing and welding services.

Our custom sheet metal fabrication services range from low-volume to high-volume production runs with exceptional cost savings. Needless to say our metal fabrication services in Wasilla, AK are the perfect on-demand solution for all your manufacturing needs.

At PlasmaTech, we take pride in our extensive welding experience, general craftsmanship and professional expertise. We offer the precision required by a wide range of industries, including automotive, electronic, medical device, biotechnology, aerospace, semiconductor, fiber optic and electrical.