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Hardfacing Services

Hardfacing and welding overlays are at the root of PlasmaTech. We’ve garnered a reputation as a leader in hardfacing and welding services, owing to our weld engineers’ expertise and experience.

Hardfacing is a low cost coating technique that deposits corrosion and wear resistance material onto less durable base metals like stainless steel and carbon. It’s also commonly referred to hardsurfacing or cladding. While hardfacing is primarily done to restore worn-out and deteriorated parts, it may also be applied to new components as a value-added feature.

The weld overlays at PlasmaTech are constructed through varying welding methods, including TIG, Oxy-Fuel Torch, Hand apply, Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding, Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) and Submerged Arc Welding (SAW).

Hardfacing done by arc welding is a surfacing technique that is used to extend the life of industrial components, particularly new components, or components that are part of a maintenance program. The reduced production costs and savings in machine down time associated with the hardfacing processes is the reason why this technique is widely adopted across a number of industries, including Mining, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Drilling Tools and Refining.

Some other benefits that hardfacing offers, include:

  • Operating efficiency
  • Fewer replacement parts required
  • Provides the opportunity to use

Compared to thermal spraying which creates a mechanical bond with the substrate, hardfacing forms a metallurgical bond with the material. This increased adherence is the reason why hardfacing is commonly used to rebuild components to OEM specification, in addition to extending the components’ service life through enhanced resistance to heat, wear, corrosion, abrasion and impact.

In hardfacing, it’s critical for weld engineers to know the heat treatment and chemistry of the base metal so that proper preheat welding parameters and post-weld heat treatments are used.

What’s more, the sensitive nature of the hardfacing materials make hardfacing a difficult process to master, but here, at PlasmaTech, we’ve focused on extensive research, development and process controls to deliver the highest quality of hardfacing services to our clients.

PlasmaTech offers custom hardfacing services in Wasilla, AK for components ranging from simple to moderate complexity. Get in touch with our certified welders today for more information.