3 Tips to Minimize the Cost of Your Metal Fabrication Project

A professional welder performing metal fabrication work on a steel sheet.

Metal fabrication has a variety of applications in almost every industry in the United States. The market size of US fabricated structural metal manufacturing industry alone is $33 billion and is likely to increase in upcoming years. Companies who are new to metal fabrication are often unable to plan their project efficiently and end up making their project more expensive.

Here are three useful tips to minimize the cost of a metal fabrication project that will help you save money:

Optimize material type and thickness

The material type plays a significant role in determining the final cost of your metal fabrication project. You have a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and more, available to take your pick. Select a material that’s suitable for your project and provide the best value to minimize cost.

The material thickness also influences the price in multiple ways. Thicker the material, higher the material quantity required. Moreover, thicker material requires more time to cut. Therefore, keep an optimal material density to keep your costs under the budget. If you can’t compromise on material thickness, consider simplifying the design to control costs.

A professional welder performing metal fabrication tests.

Perform preliminary test

It’s crucial to perform a preliminary test before producing a large quantity to prevent losses which can affect the financial feasibility of your project. Regardless of your confidence in your designs and prototypes, you must place a small order to examine the actual products to ensure the final results meet your requirement.

Placing an order of bulk quantity without performing the preliminary test will require you to fix mistakes, which can put a massive dent on your budget. Before you conduct an initial trial, you must review the design and look for potential issues, so you don’t have to perform several tests as it can make your metal fabrication project more costly.

Outsource your metal fabrication project

If you want to develop high-quality components or products at a reasonable price, consider outsourcing your project to an experienced metal fabrication company. It will eliminate the need for investing in costly equipment, repair and maintenance costs, hiring in-house staff, training costs, which can be hard to recover.

Professional external service providers have the latest machinery and trained experts who can carry out your metal fabrication project more effectively. Using an outsourced service provider to perform the work also saves floor space, time, and money, and enable you to focus on your core business operations.

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