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5 Secrets to Minimize Welding Distortion

A worker welding a metal sheet.

The role of welding in ensuring the structural integrity of metal components and structures is often underrated. Catastrophic failure of structures is commonly traced to defective welds. One of the biggest challenges that most welders face is distortion and warping during the welding process, which can compromise the quality of the final product. If you face the same problem, check out these five secrets to minimize welding distortion: Minimize Welding Time Reducing weld timing is the easiest and most simple solution to minimize weld distortion. The longer the material is undergone the welding process, the higher the chances for distortion....

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3 Tips to Minimize the Cost of Your Metal Fabrication Project

A professional welder performing metal fabrication work on a steel sheet.

Metal fabrication has a variety of applications in almost every industry in the United States. The market size of US fabricated structural metal manufacturing industry alone is $33 billion and is likely to increase in upcoming years. Companies who are new to metal fabrication are often unable to plan their project efficiently and end up making their project more expensive. (more…)

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