5 Secrets to Minimize Welding Distortion

A worker welding a metal sheet.

The role of welding in ensuring the structural integrity of metal components and structures is often underrated. Catastrophic failure of structures is commonly traced to defective welds. One of the biggest challenges that most welders face is distortion and warping during the welding process, which can compromise the quality of the final product.

If you face the same problem, check out these five secrets to minimize welding distortion:

Minimize Welding Time

Reducing weld timing is the easiest and most simple solution to minimize weld distortion. The longer the material is undergone the welding process, the higher the chances for distortion. Using advanced welding processes like CNC welding can substantially reduce the welding time and, as a result, lessen the risk of welding distortion.

Thermal Stress Relief

Thermal stress relief is another proven method that can reduce the chances of distortion during the weld. It involves increasing the temperature of the weldment followed by cooling under a controlled environment. This method decreases the stress points pulling the metal and minimize welding distortion.

Four blue steel g clamps y arranged on a table.


Clamping holds the metal sheet into a specific position during the welding process. Locking the metal sheet eliminates any movements until the welding work is completed. It not only prevents them from moving but it also offers more precise cuts. However, you may expect some distortion once you remove the clamps from the metal sheet.

Alternate Welding Sequence

Alternate Welding Sequence is a sophisticated technique used by professionals to prevent distortion. It involves shrinking one side of the metal sheet during assembly to counteract the expected shrinkage on the other side. This method requires precise calculation, hence carried out by experienced professionals.

Welding Placement Near the Neutral Axis

Placing the weld near the center of the metal component can curb down the area for shrinkage forces that can pull the surface and cause distortion. Therefore, placing the weld right at the neutral axis can combat the pulling effect and effectively control distortion and warping to a great extent.

Hire Professional Welding Services

There is a plethora of reasons that can cause distortion during the weld; therefore, it’s better to outsource the project to a professional metal fabrication service provider. They have experienced welders who take proper measures to minimize and virtually eliminate the distortion, depending on the type, thickness, and design of the metal.

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