All You Need to Know About High-Precision Plasma Cutting

Over the years, metal fabrication technology has come a long way. Today, fabricators don’t have to spend hours cutting the metal equipment as technologies like high-precision plasma cutting enable them to do the task efficiently and precisely. A top-quality system can achieve accuracy up to ±0.01. Are you planning a metal fabrication project? Here’s all you need to know about high-precision plasma cutting:

High-Precision Plasma Cutting

High-precision plasma cutting is a sophisticated technique that involves employing an electric arc to deliver a beam focused on the metal surface. The combination of gas stream pressure and plasma gas result in precise cutting with excellent efficiency. The plasma beam melts the metal surface where the beam is applied, and the gas pressure shapes the metal to the desired configuration set by the fabricator.

It’s an ideal choice to cut through ferrous metals like steel, especially stainless steel, as well as non-ferrous materials like copper due to oxides generated during the process. Modern plasma cutting technology minimizes weld preparation cost and time. More importantly, it results in extremely accurate cutting that minimizes material requirement, decrease production time, and result in overall cost savings.

Advantages of high-precision plasma cutting include:

  • Cut smaller shapes with a smaller width and more accuracy
  • Clean, dross-free edges with minimum edge taper
  • Reduced heat affected zone resulting in high-quality cut edges
  • Cut intricate design and shapes for increase efficiency
  • Lower material requirement due to less wastage

Final words

The latest high-precision plasma technology is a total game-changer and transformed the way fabricators carry out the metal cutting process. It’s a smart fabricating tool that has been playing a crucial role in many manufacturers’ success so, if you’re planning a project that involves precise cutting of metal parts, partner with an experienced metal fabricator that uses high-precision plasma cutting services along with computer numerical control services to maximize efficiency and ensure the best results.


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