Maximizing Overall Value with Custom Metal Fabrication Techniques

Even though standardized products were all the rage at one point, we’ve witnessed a shift in client preferences towards custom designs in recent years—and it’s easy to understand why.

Custom metal projects offer greater durability, more flexibility, and the capacity for optimal design. Whether it’s small metal fixtures or large-scale custom development project, each step from design to delivery allows users to produce results that offer greater long-term value.

In this blog post, we’ll look at some components of our metal fabrication processes that enhance the value of the end product.

Determining Design Intent

Instead of designing the product and then seeing what purpose it can serve, we first establish the end goal of the product. This information then directs all other decisions during the following stages of the project. The result is that we’re able to design highly efficient solutions that match the requirements of the client closely.

Metal Cutting & Forming

Depending on the project specifications, we assess the right method needed to achieve the required design specifications. For instance, CNC plasma cutting is an efficient solution for heavy metals that require tight tolerances. On the other hand, general welding services may be better suited for materials that contain impurities or metal composites.

Custom Welding Proficiency

When you opt for our custom welding services, you can be sure that you’re getting access to certified welders and design experts. Using the latest machinery and industry best practices, we’re able to design high-quality products that meet strict quality control standards. When working on large custom projects, our goal is to design solutions that can be quickly and easily assembled at worksites.

Expert Finishing

Expert metal finishing enhances the service life of the project and can increase the tangible return on your investment. During this crucial step, we prepare the product so that it’s able to provide better resistance against corrosion, electrical damage, and tarnishing. Additionally, this step allows the final product to look better and adds durability to the design. Like everything else, the product’s finish is also dictated by the intended purpose.

Choose Quality Metal Fabrication and Welding Services

Have a custom metal fabrication project on hand? Reach out to our metal design and fabrication experts in Wasilla, Alaska. At PlasmaTech, we excel at combining years of industry experience with the latest technology to provide cutting-edge custom metal products.

Our metal fabrication services include everything from CNC plasma cutting to general welding to wear coating. For more details, contact us today.