Plasma Cutting and 5 of its Benefits That You Must Know

If you go back to elementary school, we’re taught that there are three states of matter, but there’s also the fourth one, known as plasma.

Plasma is found in lighting, high-temperature, and even our bodies. It’s an electrically conductive ionized gas-like substance.

It has several applications as well, including plasma cutting. Plasma cutting is a thermal cutting method carried out using an accelerated jet of hot plasma.

It’s a popular technique to cut thick metal plates. But how does plasma cutting work? And what are the benefits?

Let’s find out!

How Does a Plasma Cutter Work?

The process of plasma cutting involves cutting the metals using thermal energy, which means it utilizes the heat temperature to cut the component rather than slicing it mechanically.

The method involves using compressed gases to create plasma by exposing them to electrodes, which results in ionization. The plasma is directed toward the cutter head.

The precise tip of the cutter head helps narrow down and control the energy to generate a jet of plasma, which is directed onto the mental component.

Due to the conductive properties of plasma, the component is attached to the floor. Once all of these steps are completed, the plasma cutting work begins.

The plasma arc is directed to the metal component, which starts melting due to high temperature. Simultaneously, the molten metal is blown by high-velocity gases.


Here are some top qualities of plasma cutting which makes it a top choice for cutting metal and hard components:

  • It allows cutting all types of conductive materials with ease
  • It’s an economical option to cut medium-thick components
  • Using CNC machines, it provides a high degree of accuracy and precision
  • It results in smaller cutting kerf compared to other options like flame cutting
  • It offers faster-cutting speed compared to oxyfuel

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